EMR sensors and touch panel devices for companies manufacturing PCs, smartphones, and eBooks.


Sensor Boards»

Wacom’s sensor boards are constructed from glass epoxy resin and a flexible underlay. Sensor boards are available in standard sizes from 6 to 14 inches.
Offered in a wide range of services to meet customers’ needs. We also accept customized orders.

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Electronic Pens»

Various sizes and weights of battery-less, cordless and electronic pens. Featuring functions such as pressure-sensitive writing, an eraser (tail switch) and an optional side-switch feature to react similar to the right-click button of a Window’s mouse. More features are available.

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Protection Plates»

Protection plates are an essential item when designing display devices that are in contact with electronic pens. We produce a variety of protection plates to meet diverse customer demands for materials used. Protection plates are made from acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass from a selection of AG&AR to modify the surface and optical characteristics.

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Application Development Kits (ADKs)»

Application Development Kits are supplied with tools from leading manufacturing companies and a Wacom sensor unit for your functional and development needs. ADKs consist of a sensor board, a controller board, an electronic pen, interconnecting cables, software and a pen.

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Touch Panels»

Wacom’s multi-touch technology supports the multi-touch functions included in Windows 7 and other major operating systems. Users can operate PCs intuitively, simply by touching the PC display with their fingertips.

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